Pari by Ghazal Tabrez jewellery pieces are gold or silver plated. Layers of pure gold or silver are electroplated onto a base of metal either copper or steel. Items from the limited collection of sterling silver is 92.5% silver mixed with 7.5% other metals, typically copper. It is used as an alternative to pure silver which is soft and easily scratched. These pieces are then plated with either rhodium or platinum for a high gloss result. All stones used are pure swiss aaa cubic zirconia, next to best with a diamond. As with diamonds there are different grades of quality in cubic zirconia, pari by ghazal tabrez collection pieces contain higher grades than other graded zirconia.
As each time you wear your jewellery tarnish is inevitable it is exposed to oxidising agents in the atmosphere and natural oils, sweat/moisture your skin gives which may interfere with the top layer of metal leading to possible change in its appearance. Over time this reaction will cause the layer of gold or silver to slowly fade on plated pieces with wear and tear. Tarnish can be removed from sterling silver with correct cleaning products and cloths to improve the piece looking brand new again. When you get rid of tarnish, you are decreasing layers of oxidised metal. As sterling silver is constant throughout, removing this layer will have no change on the look of the jewellery. Although, we would not recommend using these polishes on silver plated items as they are too harsh and will weaken the layer of plating.
You can slow tarnish build up and maintain plating by following the instructions explained above.